​​La Maison Bleue is a social perinatal center whose mission is to promote and foster the optimal development of children living in a context of vulnerability, from the time of their mother's pregnancy until the age of 5.

We are a charitable and non-profit organization (NPO) that offers under one roof, perinatal social services in a model that aims the integration of health, social and educational services in a preventive approach.

Our services are provided by a small team known to our users and with whom they develop a trusting relationship. Daily collaboration between family physicians, midwife, nurse, social worker, educator and psychoeducator allows complete monitoring of early pregnancy to the first years of life of the child.

This human scale intervention model promotes a positive experience of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood; breaking the isolation; and provides families with tools to support their well-being and that of their children.


Our values


We believe that the arrival of a baby is an experience that primarily belongs to the families. Despite all the difficulties they may encounter, families are capable of raising their child and, when surrounded by a community, they find unexpected strengths.

In this context, La Maison Bleue becomes a reassuring home base where families come to seek care and counseling at their own pace, knowing that their autonomy is respected and valued.

We believe that every child should be born and grow-up surrounded by joy and with the promise of a full life, nourished with solidarity, confidence and rediscovered and honored strengths.