Amélie Sigouin et Dre Vania JimenezLa Maison Bleue was founded in 2007 by Dr Vania Jimenez and her daughter Amélie Sigouin, an early childhood practitioner, to break the isolation of pregnant women living in a context of vulnerability and provide them with the necessary tools so their child can be born and raised in the most favourable conditions for his or her development.

Inspired by the courage of these mothers, the pair created a house for them and their families. This house brings together a  ''village'', a support network consisting of health and social services professionals (family doctors, midwife, nurse, social worker, specialized educator, psychoeducator), doulas, therapists and volunteers. 

First established in the Côte-des-Neiges borough in Montréal, La Maison Bleue offers pregnant women and their families a welcoming environment, where they can have access to care and services provided at a human scale intervention model. The team at La Maison Bleue put in place an innovative social perinatal intervention model,  enabling the development of a trusting relationship with struggling mothers and providing them with tools to support their well-being and that of their children. Empowered by the recognition and sucess, a second Maison Bleue opened in May 2011 to welcome families in the Parc-Extension borough in Montreal. A third maison Bleue will open in the Saint-Michel borough in January 2017 and the plan is to open another two before 2020.

La Maison Bleue : a unique and innovative approach

Early intervention, synergy of services and the participation of mothers and families are at the heart of our approach based on prevention. La Maison Bleue, with its hybrid structure and unique approach, puts forward a model that could be adapted to the needs of all communities in Québec.

To be there early on

Studies have proven without a doubt that the most effective prevention in early childhood and families starts as early as during pregnancy.

The physical, social and cultural dimensions are always taken into account during our interventions, allowing us to promote health for both mother and child.

A house, a village

La Maison Bleue shelters a multidisciplinary team composed of health and social services professionals working together to insure a complete monitoring and comprehensive intervention with pregnant women and their families.

Our services, used in synergy, are all offered under one roof. We therefore create a climate of trust and a warm environment, all the while improving the effectiveness of our intervention.

We start with the medical care during pregnancy and the follow-up during the first years of life of the children, to create a bond with families that are often isolated. If needed, we can make the most out of this trusting relationship to guide families towards adequate community ressources.

Model House

La Maison Bleue operates as a hybrid administrative structure : we are an independant non-profit organization (NPO) working closely with the CIUSSS (Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre).

We have set up a partnership that complies perfectly with the  «montreal medical care model», in which the family doctor is supported by a multidisciplinary team.

Our professionals are paid by the public system :  we can offer our services for free. All other costs related to activities at La Maison Bleue are financed by our partners and donors.

For more information about La Maison Bleue, you can take a look at Our Services and at our Publications section, to find ou annual reports and assessment summary of our model.