''One person cannot be godmother of hundreds of children. One person cannot support as many families and future mothers. Each year, thanks to La Maison Bleue, families have revived their dignity, independence and hope in a better future for their toddlers.''

Guylaine Tremblay, spokesperson of La Maison Bleue

With all her trademark sensibility and generosity, Guylaine Tremblay has successfully shone a spotlight on La Maison Bleue with, among other things, her numerous testimonials in the course of her media appearances. She seizes every opportunity of using her public prominence to heighten a growing number of people’s awareness to the obstacles faced by families expecting a child while in precarious situations, and to the impact this can have on the health of the newborn baby.

Participating in every fundraising event for La Maison Bleue since its beginnings, Guylaine Tremblay never hesitates in reaching out to her large network to help assist, support, and promote this cause so close to her heart.

Beyond simply affiliating her image to La Maison Bleue, Guylaine Tremblay is also an incomparable spokesperson who gets involved wholeheartedly, notably by reaching out directly to the supported families as well as encouraging those within her own circles to volunteer at La Maison Bleue. Despite a particularly charged schedule, Guylaine has always found a way to bring her support to La Maison Bleue’s funding efforts, and her contributions make a profound difference. Guylaine Tremblay is not merely La Maison Bleue’s spokesperson - she is above all the spokesperson of hundreds of children, families and numerous future mothers!

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