At La Maison Bleue, families find all services under one roof, in a safe and friendly environment:

Pregnancy care and family health Click here for details
Individual or group prenatal follow-up 
Postnatal follow-up 
Physical and mental health follow-up of all family members 

Psychosocial evaluation and follow-up Click here for details
Initial Assessment and Intervention Plan
Psychosocial and psychotherapeutic services 
Advocacy ​

Evaluation, follow-up and activities for children and parents & children Click here for details 
Early stimulation 0-5 
Evaluation of Child Development
Psychoeducational follow-up

Group meetings Click here for details
Family Health Meetings 
Prenatal classes
The Art of Parenting
Infant Massage Group

Other services Click here for details
Doulas support (birth assistant) 
Additional treatments (acupuncture, osteopathy, massage).
Special projects (art therapist and external facilitator) 
Special Outings (social worker and educator)