Family Health Meetings (nurse, social worker, specialized educator, community organization). Parents have the opportunity to meet and share their reality and concerns on various topics. Our popular education approach values the knowledge of families. 

Prenatal classes (midwife). In an intimate atmosphere, parents are supported in their preparation for the coming of the baby and are invited to to exchange and share their knowledge and resources. 

The Art of Parenting (social worker and specialized educator). This activity aims at preventing situations of abuse and improving the safety of children in families at risk or already living in situations of neglect and mistreatment. Attention is paid to parents’ experiences, which themselves often stem from dysfunctional family backgrounds, to recognize the educational patterns conveyed and thus promote a positive attachment relationship with their children. 

Infant Massage Group (psychoeducator). These workshops allow parents to discover the benefits of massage and the many facets of well-being of toddlers (body language, baby colic, crying, sleep, stress) encouraging the creation of a secure attachment relationship.