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For more information and details on La Maison Bleue's activities, you can consult out annual activity reports:

Assessment and knowledge transfer

Research project with the support of Avenir d’Enfants

An evaluation study was deemed necessary facing the requests to replicate the project in other boroughs and regions of Quebec, in order to offer adapted services to a population which the current services are struggling to reach. La Maison Bleue solicited Nathalie Dubois, researcher at the University of Public Administration and at the Direction of Public Health of the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal, to put together a research team and go forward with this study, with financial backing from Avenir d’Enfants.

After 3 years of research, the evaluative report titled “Évaluation de la mise en œuvre, des effets et de la valeur économique de La Maison Bleue” (Dubois N. et al. 2015) was published. In collaboration with partners of the health, academic, community and institutional fields, this research helps address the issues associated with the establishment of a Maison Bleue and its essential features, both from an organizational and clinical perspective. The following is a summary of the outlines that emerged from this research:

  • The “Maison Bleue” model is effective and efficient at helping vulnerable families welcome their baby and support its development.
  • Its intervention model is innovative and replicable, provided the essential criteria for integrity and its link to the public health system are respected.

We are pleased to present the english synopsis of this report here :
Assessment Summary of the Implementation, Effects and Economic Value of La Maison Bleue (PDF)

The report can also be read in full here (French only) : Rapport d'évaluation complet

You can also view the Maison Bleue model in schematic form by clicking here