Social Perinatal CareThe three pillars of the approach in social perinatal care are the appropriation of personal skills (empowerment), interdisciplinarity, and portage.

Discovering strengths

We believe that maternity is an experience that belongs primarily to women and the families and that when a child is born, this new life must be celebrated and protected.

Despite all the difficulties they may encounter, families are inherently capable of raising this child: when women and families are surrounded by a community, they find unexpected strengths.

Beyond empowering mothers, this process also strengthens fathers, the Maison Bleue’s team and living environment, as well as the broader community.

Act together to act better

Our team of health and social care professionals - family doctor, nurse, midwife, social worker, specialized educator, psychoeducator - work in complementary fashion to insure  tailored and comprehensive care to the Maison Bleue families. Depending on their needs, a network of specialists - ethno psychiatrists, therapists - can also be called upon.

Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of our approach, which directs its attention on the totality of the health and social needs of the pregnant woman and child to come.

By offering all our services under one roof, we successfully create, with our volunteers and doulas, a harmonious environment where trust and collaboration allow us to offer a support that is both tailored and efficient.

This model makes our Maisons Bleues very unique and appealing environments for internships. Thanks to our partnerships with the McGill Family Medicine Department and other learning establishments, , the UMF of Côte-des-Neiges and the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, we can count on many interns, residents and fellows to assist our families and ensure a true sharing of our expertise.

Carrying the future

Through its philosophy, its activities and its services, La Maison Bleue aims to offer women a framework which respects their autonomy and on which they can lean to bring their child to the world.

Between themselves and with the Maison Bleue team, mothers benefit from a “cultural portage” which breaks isolation and promotes the inherited knowledge of their cultural origins.